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Project Description
Syntax highlighter converts code text to HTML where common language elements are formatted using style sheet classes such that the coloring scheme can be switched or altered as simple as replacing a CSS file. The primary release ships as an extension for BlogEngine.NET.
See a sample of the supported CSS classes.

Screen dump

  • Color codes several different languages
  • Support for common language elements
    • Comments
    • Preprocessor directives
    • String litterals
    • Keywords
  • Support for types, i.e. classes, interfaces, structs, enums, etc. in C#
  • Handles embeded code like JavaScript within HTML

Supported programming languages
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • MSH
  • T-SQL
  • Visual Basic
  • XML

Blog posts on Syntax Highlighter
Original work
The orginal code base is the work of developer Jean-Claude Manoli and provided for any purpose, including commercial applications, with permission to alter and redistribute it freely.

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